The benefits of properly applied pavement markings are to meet local building codes, property safety due to proper traffic flow and direction, and increased property aesthetics. The application of either solvent or water based paint products is usually the most economical method of pavement marking. Paint products are used for traffic flow lines, parking stall lines, directional arrows, painted curbs and light pole bases, as well as stop bars, crosswalks and pavement messages.
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Thermoplastic pavement markings are usually recommended for higher traffic areas such as stop bars, crosswalks, directional arrows, pavement messages, center lines and edge lines because of the durable nature of the thermoplastic products. The thermoplastic material is either applies as a performed material or hot applied through specialized application equipment.
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While the natural life cycle of asphalt pavement cannot be stopped, it can be managed. Asphalt crack repair is critical to the long term maintenance of the pavement. Left unattended, cracks allow water to infiltrate the pavement structure, causing it to quickly deteriorate.

Lynne Services, Inc uses only the highest grade of hot-applied, polymer-based material on the market today. With high quality materials and workmanship our asphalt maintenance teams successfully manage asphalt pavement.

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While seal coating your asphalt surface does provide a marked aesthetic improvement, the main reasons for seal coating is to provide protection and prolong the useful life of your asphalt assets. Over time, weather, traffic, and petroleum spills affect binders in your asphalt, which softens it and allows other problems to begin. Lynne Services Inc. can help you prolong the life of you asphalt as well as improve you properties aesthetic value by applying a premium sealer that meets federal specifications.

Lynne Services Inc. seal coating can be included in a regular parking lot maintenance plan designed specifically for your property or performed on an “as-needed” basis.

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Lynne Services Inc.’s team of asphalt experts are experienced in identifying all forms of asphalt defects and offering the best solution for the problem. We perform full depth asphalt patches on areas where the asphalt base needs replacing and skin patches where the defect is only on the surface. We carry effective hot and cold patch materials and fill potholes in a variety of weather and traffic conditions.

Lynne Services Inc. asphalt repairs can be included in a regular parking lot maintenance plan designed specifically for your property or performed on an “as-needed” basis.

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Proper sign installation is essential for regulating traffic flow; appropriate parking designation, street identification, life safety issues and meeting local building code requirements. Lynne Services Inc. is capable of supplying all of your signage needs, whether they are DOT specifications or custom signs and pole requirement.
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The use of high-pressure water (up to 40,000 psi) to remove pavement marking and rubber build up on runways is the most cost effective and least intrusive method on the market today. The hydroblasting method provides excellent removal percentage while providing the least amount of removal of the underlying surface. Lynne Services Inc.’s hydroblasting system also includes vacuum removal of excess water and targeted removal subject.
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The relationship we build with a customer is at the heart of what makes us successful. We keep an open and active line of communication throughout the life of the maintenance plan and deliver the highest quality product and customer care to each customer, whether large or small.

Our Program Offers:

  • Discuss long and short term pavement maintenance goals for your business
  • Conduct an on-site survey with you and report on current pavement condition
  • Discuss options and techniques to be used to maximize the pavements life-cycle
  • Develop a maintenance strategy and schedule with the anticipated maintenance techniques to be used at each visit
  • Execute the strategy, monitoring and reporting on current pavement conditions and services rendered at each scheduled visit
  • Make unplanned visits or offer advice when you need it to address unexpected repairs or maintenance
  • New product testing

Whether long or short-term, a maintenance program with us allows property managers to schedule and budget asphalt maintenance & repairs into the foreseeable future. After years in the business we’ve learned what it takes to offer the best quality and service.

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